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Enameled flat/square aluminum wire
Class 130/155/180/200/220 enamelled flat|square aluminum wire
Product introduction :
  Enameled flat square
 wire is drawn from electrical round aluminum rod with certain specification mould. With mold type or blanket type, it is painted with compatible insulating coatings. After the product is baked, conductor and insulated coating make a whole. The product is widely applied in  transformers, electric powers, electromotors, reactors and other similar electrical instruments.

Product Detail :
* Type : insulated;
* Conductor type : solid;
* Application : Transformers, Reactors, Welding Machines;
* Conductor materials : Aluminum;
* Insulated material : Enameled;
* Product Standard : SGS,UL,IEC/NEMA/JIS/GB;
* Color : Nature;
* Delivery time : 10days - 30 days;
* Thermal class: B(130°C),F(155°C),H(180°C),H(+200°C),C(220°C),C+(240°C);
* Properties: Corrosion Resistant, Shiny Finish;
* Competitive advantages : High quality control,Competitive prices;
* Rectangular size : A: 1mm-10mm  b: 3mm-16mm;
* Certification : ISO9001;
* Delivery time: 10days-30days
* Export markets : Global;
* Trademark : Signi;
* Packing : Plastics spool or wooden spool;
* Standard : LEC/GB/NEMA;
* Origin : China;
* Production capacity : 800 ton/month;
* Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe;
Diameter : 0.2mm-8.0mm;
Standard : IEC,NEMA,GB;
Thermal class : 130/155/180/220 centigrade;
Certification : SGS,UL Approved,ISO9001,ISO14001;
Special size can be made with discuss.
Features :
A. Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent;
B. Excellent electricity performance;
C. Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility;
D. high cut through;
Main Applications: 
  This kind of polyurethane enameled aluminum wire can be used to make winding wire 
demanding light material, high electricity conductivity and good heat dispersing 
performance, especially for the winding wire for transforing high frequency signal, such 
household appliances as degaussing coil, high frequency transformer, common transformer 
and small electric motor;

Aluminum wire :
 Enameled flat|square aluminum wire , is made by soft and soft wire in accordance with the provisions of the 5584.2-85 GB, 20℃when the resistivity is not greater than 0.01724Ω.mm2/m according to different mechanical strength requirements, the provisions of the semi hard conductor and aluminum conductor according to different mechanical strength requirements, semi hard conductor of non proportional C1Rp 0.2 (>100--180) N/mm2, C2Rp0.2 (>180--220) N/mm2, C3Rp0.2 (>220--260) N/mm2. 20 degrees of resistivity is less than 0.02801 Ω.mm2/m  according to different electrical insulation requirements, selection of thin film 0.06--0.11mm or the thickness of the film 0.12--0.16mm. The heat adhesion paint package wire self-adhesive layer thickness is generally 0.03--0.06mm. Our company the loss tester for TD11 painting process for screening, the film fixed more hasten is perfect.
* If have special demand on paint thickness, please contact us as well.
Material :
  Drawing or extruding bare aluminum wire confirm to National Standard, smooth surface, no defects ;Good performance,Insulation varnish.
Product types of rectangular Enamelled Aluminium Wire:
1. Thermal class: 130, 155, 180, 200, 220 degree
1) Polyester enameled aluminum wire, class 130
2) Modified polyester enameled aluminum wire, class 155
3) Polyesterimide enameled aluminum wire, class 180
4) Polyester (imide) coated with polyamide-imide enameled aluminum wire, class 200
5) Polyimide enameled aluminum wire, class 220

Type Polyesterimide Polyimide and polyimide
Polyvinyl acetal Thermal bonding acetal
Temperature-resist grade 180 200 120(155) 120
Property High heat resistance, 
good chemical
 resistance, hydrolysis
Excellent heat resistance,
 strong resistance to 
chemical solvents, good
 scratch resistance
Excellent resistance to 
transformer oil, good 
resistance to scratch, 
excellent flexibility and
 adhesion, and good 
water resistance.
In addition to all the performance
 with acetal, also can obtain good 
adhesion strength by the heating 
Standard GB/T7095.4-2008,
GB/T4074, IEC60851-1-6
Plastic spool, wooden spool and also can pack the goods according to the requirement of each client;(Seaworthy Packing);
Delivery time: 10days-30days


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