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Insulated electric wire Insulation

   Electrical wiring to be run in conduit comes in individual strands, encased in insulation to protect the wire and insulate it from other wires and the conduit. Wires come in ither solid or stranded, depending on the wire size. Bare conductors are available for ground wires only. The insulation is made to take on some rather extreme conditions. Heat-, oil-, gasoline- and water-resistant coatings are all available to help your Insulated electric wire survive.
Product Details : 
Place of Origin : Henan,China(Mainland);
Brand name : Signi;
Type : Insulated;
Application : motor transformer generator and so on;
Conductor material : Aluminum;
Conductor type : Solid;
Diameter : 0.2-8.0mm;
Standard : GB,IEC,JIS,NEMA;
Thermal class : 130-220;
Film thickness : Grade 1/2/3;
Certification : UL,SGS,RoHS,iso9001;

  insulated electric aluminum wire is commonly used in all types of electrical work from residential to commercial. Aluminum wire was generally used to save on budgetary constraints and is not as popular as copper wire is. If your an electrician, your old or excess insulated electric aluminum wire could mean extra cash in your pocket. If you need insulated electric aluminum wire prices the iScrap App can help. Pricing for insulated electric aluminum wire as well as other electrical wiring and scrap metals are listed on the app.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : 
Inner packing: Different plastic spools (up to PT-270) according to products diameters;
Outer packing: Wooden spool and wooden case or according customers' special requirement.
Delivery Detail : 7-30days;

    Electrical Insulation - Wiring, Sleeving & other Electrical Sheilding Products. These products are used in electrical applications to insulate high voltage current from surrounding areas. These products are typically known for dielectric strength, arc resistance, thermal performance and insulating properties. Common applications include dry and oil-filled transformers, switch gears, relays, wire wrap, welding apparatus, electrical fixtures, commercial & residential electrical, lighting systems and more. These products are known for their ability to insulate electrical current, withstand mositure and corrosion, and resist arc and flame. Many of these materials can serve as practical and safe insulators for low to moderate voltages (hundreds, or even thousands, of volts).

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