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NOMEX Covered Round & Rectangular / Flat Aluminium Wire
Nomex paper wrapped Aluminium wire produced by the flat and round, as aluminum are dissolved can be produced.
* Product Introduction :
    Nomex covering corresponds to class H insulation is mainly used in the construction of condensers and capacitors. Main application of it is in shielding of cables in high temp. environments (200°C) such as dry type transformers, military and aerospace cables. Nomex covered conductors are more effective in condition where temperature resistance and dielectric strength requirements are high.

    By extrusion of bare aluminum wire  wrapped and Nomex Paper covered wire, the mechanical performance and electrical performance better, instead of making difficult composite enameled flat wire, suitable for transformer, winding of lifting electromagnet, electric welding machine and other products.

Round : 2.0-7.0mm ;12-2 AWG
Flat : a:1-10mm;b:3-35mm
Standards : NEMA MW 33-C;
Square and Rectangular : NEMA MW 33-C and Other Specification
Conductor : aluminum 
Bobbin: 30kg/50kg/150kg wooden spool

* Production Range :
1.NOMEX Paper Covered flat Aluminum wire
  Thickness: a: 1mm--8mm
  Width: b: 3.0--20mm
2.NOMEX Paper Covered round Aluminum wire
  Diameter: 1.9mm--10.0mm
If required special size, please contact us.

* NOMEX paper wrapping technical standard:

Product Wrapping type Wrapping 
Insulation Thickness Breakdown
NOMEX  Paper Covered Insulated 
Aluminum Wires and Strips

Self lock type  overlap joint 1.5--2mm 1 0.12±0.03
Self lock type  overlap joint 1.5--2mm 2 0.24±0.03 1500V
Half lapped tapping 1 0.22±0.03 1200V
Half lapped tapping 2 0.40±0.03 3000V
Inopposite directions, lap wrap 1.5mm 3 0.33±0.03
Application of Nomex Paper Covered Aluminum wire :
Mobile Transformer,Traction Transfomers,Pole-mounted distribution transformers,Power substantions,rectifiers,oil-immersed transfomer coil winding.

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