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Polyimide film Covered Aluminum wire 
Polyimide Kapton Covered /Enameled/ Insulated/ Wrapped Aluminum Wire Strip

Polyimide film aluminum wire is a multi-layer polyimide & fluoropolymer dispersion-coated film. The fluoropolymer coating functions as a heat-fusible layer for bonding to magnet wire conductors. It has superior scrape abrasion resistance and exhibits lower frictional properties than wire insulated with other commonly used polyimide materials.  Polyimide film aluminum wire is ideal for demanding magnet wire applications and for difficult-to-wind motors.

Characteristics :
Conductor material : Aluminium soft;
Type of insulation : Polyimide film,FEP coated and heatsealed with or without insulation of mixed polyester and glass yarn.
Insulation options : (1)overlapped up to max.66%; (2) 1 film; (3) 2 layers cross lapped;
Standards : Internal standard or customer specification;
Standard range of dimensions : (Aluminium)
* cross-section(mm2) : 5 to 120;
* width (mm) : 400 to 2000;
* thickness(mm) : 200 to 600;
* ratio w/t : < 10;

Conductor materials:
1.Aluminum wires strips should follow the standard of GB5584.3-85, at 20℃ its conductivity resistance should be not more than 0.02801℃mm2/m.
2.Flat conductor size and R angle should be in line with the national standard GB/T7673.1-87
3. The surface of the round conductor shall be smooth, clean, without any abrasion, burr, oil and metal foam.
4. The connection of circular and flat conductor plane should be smooth, with sharp protrusions and not allowed.

Product breakdown voltage follow the below table:

Narrow side(a) 
standard size mm
Breakdown voltage Narrow side(b) 
standard size mm
Breakdown voltage
Single layer
Double layers
Single layer 
Double layers
a≤3.00 2000V 3000V 3.00≤a≤6.00 1500V 2500V
2500V 4000V 2000V 3000V
3000V 5000V 2300V 3500V
3500V 6000V 2600V 4200V
4000V 7000V 3000V 5000V
Application : 
* Motors for heavy-duty applications;
* Traction motors;
* Generators;

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