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Kapton Aluminum insulated wire
Introduction :

  Kapton insulated aluminium wires are suitable for both HV and UHV applications at temperatures ranging from -269 to 200°C with maximum bakeout temperature of 260°C.

  Kapton insulated aluminum wire is designed for use in high & ultra-high vacuum applications. Kapton has high mechanical strength, excellent electrical insulation properties, and low outgassing rates making it ideal for use as an in-vacuum insulator. These wires can be utilized in temperature ranges from 4K to 260°C.

Features and Specifications : 
* UHV,Ultrahigh vacuum : 1*10 Torr;
* Temperature range : -75C to 250C;
* Dielectric constant : 2.9;
* Dielectric strength : 80KV/mm;
* Dissipation factor,1MHz : 0.002;
* Moisture Absorption : 0.4% @ 50 % RH;
* Radiation Resistance : 10 Rads;

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